Paul Saadoun founded Seconde Vague Productions in April 2012. It was a logical step in his long experience as a producer for media in France and abroad. Some of his productions have made television history, such as the series Palettes by Alain Jaubert, Le Goulag by Iossif Pasternak and Hélène Chatelain,  10 ans de la vie politique à Marseille by Jean Louis Comolli.
 Several productions have gained attention for their cinematographic innovation.
Awards include the documentaries of Canadian director Paul Cowan, feature films directed by Bela Tarr, the contributions to the theater world of Armand Gatti, and certain remarkable works by Peter Watkins, an English director of indisputable talent.
Seconde Vague Productions aim is to continue on this path and to expand its production of quality films, not only in the documentary field but also in fiction and cinema.
Projects involve careful writers and directors who craft their points of view on society, history, life, and the world.
Offices in Paris
64, rue de Turbigo – 75003 Paris
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Offices in Marseille
6A, rue Crinas Prolongée – 13007 Marseille




CEO – Executive Producer

Béatrice ARNAUD

Fiction producer

Elisabeth HULTEN

Project Development and Art Director

Jean-Jacques PERETTI

International Sales

Cécile PEYRE

Production Managers

Marie-Christine GELY

Production Administration


Production Administration