Ukraine, a citizen reawakening

Documentary - 70 minutes
Ukraine, a citizen reawakening
Written by Iossif Pasternak, Paul Saadoun
Directed by Iossif Pasternak
Director of Photography : Jean-Louis Porte
Coproduced by Arte France
With support from CNC

The fall of the Soviet Union was quickly praised for happening peacefully, an extraordinary moment in history. To a large degree, this was an illusion. Few historic events are as destabilizing as the collapse of an empire. The consequences of dismantling the communist empire have only just begun to appear. For two years, a series of events pushed Ukraine to the top of headline news: Euromaidan, Crimea, Donbass, NATO, Europe, gas, war, Russia, Baltic nations, Eurasia, United States, poverty, refugee camps. A secessionist movement was sparked. A reshaping of European space may also be underway all across Eurasia – from Baltic nations to ex-Yugoslavia onwards to Ukraine and beyond.