Shoot the war – Iraqi visions of the war

Documentary - 8 short films , 5 to 10 minutes
Shoot the war – Iraqi visions of the war
Written by Katia Jarjoura
Directed by Katia Jarjoura
Producers: Arte and Seconde Vague Productions
Supported by the French Embassy in Baghdad, culture department and the Festival de Bayeux des Correspondants de Guerre In association with the Baghdad International Film Festival and the association for the cinema development in Iraq

In Iraq a young generation of moviemakers is growing although the country is fighting against Daesh and threatens once more to sink into a sectarian conflict. They are aged 20 to 30, they refuse religious labels while studying at the Collège des Beaux-Arts in Baghdad.  After having undergone the American invasion and it’s disastrous consequences – intra confessional violence, car bombs, kidnapping, apparition of fanaticism – these young Iraqis have chosen the camera to express daily instability and to forward a peace message.


In order to encourage this initiative and to give a new impulse to cinema in this devastated area, Katia Jarjoura, a Lebanese Canadian director familiar with Iraq, left for Baghdad in September 2015. There she organised and directed a workshop on short films for young Iraqi directors. During three intense weeks around 30 participants managed to develop, shoot and edit 8 short films dealing with war. The result is for the majority of the candidates their first film. Despite precarious production circumstances – power cuts, extreme heat, daily security problems, logistical and technical difficulties  – each film has the unique value of being a vision from inside.