Marseille Between Two Rounds

Documentary - 90 minutes
Marseille Between Two Rounds
Written by Jean-Louis Comolli, Michel Samson, Jean-Louis Porte
Directed by Jean-Louis Comolli, Michel Samson, Jean-Louis Porte
Sound: Jean-François Priester
Editor: Jean-Louis Porte, Jean-Baptiste Delpias
Music: André Jaume
With support from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region

A documentary in complementing Jean-Louis Comolli and Michel Samson’s series begun in 1988 on political life in Marseille. The series is available on DVD.

After these cult films, which are also topics of study in numerous universities, Jean-Louis Comolli, Michel Samson and Jean-Louis Porte have turned their focus to the 2014 municipal election. With their unconventional viewpoints, they went out to meet other characters, other players in the life of the city. The film takes us into a territory that is largely unknown to most of us.