A Possible Algeria

Documentary - 88 minutes
A Possible Algeria
Written by Viviane Candas
Directed by Viviane Candas
Director of Photography : Nasser Medjkane, Frédéric Mainçon, Viviane Candas
Editor: Claudine Dumoulin
Coproduced by Films de l’Atlantide, Djinn/Djelali Khalid, Terra Trema
With support from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region

Personally affected by the independence of Algeria from her childhood, the author interviews the brothers in arms of her father, Yves Mathieu, lawyer of the FLN and later an advisor to Algeria’s first government.

She tries to understand his complex life: one of the first anti-colonialists, very active in Algeria until his death in 1966 in murky circumstances. Was he assassinated?